Platform for Cancer Genomics Data Visualization

Genomic data visualization supports efficient and integrated genetic research knowledge sharing. With plenty of genomic data produced by advanced sequencing technology, scientists have pushed the cancer genome research a huge step forward, and published lots of biological findings. A series of good visualizations greatly contribute to the explaining and spreading of these breakthroughs, making the knowledge easy to peers and even common people. Furthermore, these visualizations shed light on data patterns that could drive further studies. We develop Oviz-Bio that brings interactive visualizations to you to understand cancer genomic results and get in the fast lane for scientific discovery. Oviz-Bio supports analysis on small mutation (SNV and InDel), copy number variant (CNV), structural variation (SV), fusion gene, oncovirus integration, and landscape view of multi-layered data.

Integrated Cloud Platform

A one-stop cloud platform that consolidates existing tool chain and performs comprehensive analyses on cutting-edge topics for bioinformatics research.

Interactive Data Visualizaton

By providing novel ways to visualize bioinformatic scenarios interactively, it boosts the working efficiency for researchers significantly.

Customization and Export

All data tables and visualizations are able to be downloaded and ready for customization, to be used directly as illustrations in publications.

Analyses Provided