Please try the demo file in the sidebar (Demo File Sets).


The evolutionary path is illustrated on row-basis, where each row is a two-break step (i.e. removing 2 edges and add 2 correspoding s.t. number of loops increases by 1).

Every rectangles in a row marks a chromosome. Within the rectangles, the triangles, with their names, represent the selected segments, whose orientation is indicated by the orientation triangles, namely, the triangles pointing to right indicate positive chromosomal orientation and vise versa.

Input Files

You can download the demo files to check the format.

Evo Path File

The file is tab-seperated. Each row indicates a segment with the attributes such as name (e.g. 1, 2, 3), orientation, chromosome it belongs to and which step it is in.

name orientation chromosome step 1 1 1 1

  • the first line should be the header as specified above.
  • name is the name for the segment, usually we use its index we previously assigned.
  • orientation means the orientation of the segments, 1 stands for positive, -1 stands for negative.
  • step means which step the segment is in.